Sanjay Raut’s sarcasm on Raj Thackeray, tell me – ‘What miracle happened, which file was opened?’ – India TV Hindi.

Sanjay Raut takes a dig at Rock Thackeray - India TV Hindi

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Sanjay Raut taunts Raj Thackeray.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray on Tuesday said his party would support the NDA. He heaped praise on PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Now Sanjay Raut has mocked his statement saying that it is his party chief, Raj Thackeray who had announced that he will not allow Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to establish themselves in Maharashtra. Earlier he had appealed to the public not to allow him to set foot in Maharashtra and now suddenly what a miracle happened. Now we should go and ask them – what will you tell the people if they are supporting the enemies of Maharashtra? what’s the reason? What file is open behind it?

Sanjay Rawat added that the issue of washing machines will come later, which file is open that you are suddenly coming and supporting them? It’s his point, it’s good that he openly supported it. Sometimes it happens that you field candidates and eat votes. This is not politics. These are the people of Maharashtra, they know everything, they will see now.

Sanjay Raut said about Varsha Gaikwad

What we have decided in the Mahwakas Aghadi Joint Press Council meeting is final. Be it Mahavikas Aghadi or Mahawati, in coalition politics when it comes to seat sharing or power sharing there are such differences and it is not today’s issue, but if any such issue comes up then we all will decide. Be it Varsha Gaikwad, Vishal Patil or Vishwajit Kadam, all are loyal people of their respective parties, like our Shiv Sena people.

For example, we gave Mumbai North seat to Vinod Ghosalkar, but yesterday it was decided that we are giving this seat to Congress, from there we told Vinod that this seat is now with Congress. We need your support. Immediately said that I accept the order of the party, I will help you.

Sanjay Rawat talks about Kejriwal.

The code of conduct is working in the country, there are elections in a few days. You put a Chief Minister in jail, now you want to dismiss the government and bring Governor’s rule in Delhi. It is a majority government. If you bring dictatorship in this way, it is not right. The whole world is watching what is happening in Delhi.

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