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How to Increase Metabolism - India TV Hindi

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How to increase metabolism.

Obesity and overweight are spreading like an epidemic in the country and the world. Due to obesity, people are suffering from many dangerous diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. These days people are suffering from obesity due to poor metabolism. Due to weak metabolism many times people are unable to lose weight despite trying. Let us tell you that metabolism plays an important role in maintaining weight and keeping the body healthy. Let’s tell you what is metabolism and how to increase it?

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is also called Metabolism in Hindi. If we do any work, it requires energy. If we feel weak or tired, it means that our body’s metabolism is not working properly due to which the energy is low. Metabolism is the process of absorbing nutrients from the food you eat and turning them into energy. That is, metabolism digests your food and converts it into energy by converting it into proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. Simply put, whatever food you eat, metabolism converts that food into energy, builds new cells, and stores it. This means that your metabolism is very important to stay healthy and avoid obesity.

When is the metabolism weak?

Your irregular lifestyle, bad habits and eating habits are responsible for poor metabolism. For example, if you are sleeping less, drinking too much alcohol, constantly stressed or stressed, have poor digestion and do not exercise, then your metabolism starts to slow down due to these reasons.

How to boost a slow metabolism?

  • Avoid junk food: To stay healthy and fit, it is important to have a fast metabolism. Avoid consuming extra calories to boost metabolism. Completely remove excessive fried and junk food from your diet. Their use also affects the metabolism. Also avoid overeating.

  • Exercise daily: To boost metabolism, first improve your sedentary lifestyle and incorporate exercise into your life. Daily exercise starts to increase the metabolism. To increase it, walk for 1 hour a day. Also, running and aerobics exercises can also speed up your metabolism. Also, get 9 to 10 hours of good sleep and drink plenty of water. These habits speed up your metabolic cells.

  • Better diet: To boost metabolism, add healthy foods to your daily life. A healthy diet should include protein-based foods, fresh fruits, fish, eggs, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. Also use green tea. Eat plenty of food, if you eat less, your metabolism will slow down and the body will not get the necessary minerals.

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