Anushka Sharma shared the video of the pit bull attack and said look at both sides

Anushka Sharma viral dog video: Everyone is a fan of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s amazing acting. The actress recently shared the good news of her second child to her fans. Apart from this, the actress is often in the headlines for her social media posts. This time also the reason why he is in the limelight is his Instagram. The actress shared with her fans a video of ‘two street dogs’ saving a child from a pit bull attack.

Pitbull dog bite case
Recently, the news of Bitbull biting has come out from Ghaziabad. Where a local pitbull dog attacked a child playing outside the house. The CCTV footage of this pit bull attack has come to light. In which it can be clearly seen that during the attack of the pit bull, the people standing there tried to save the child from a distance. Someone poured water on the pitbull dog and someone threw pebbles. The child then tries to enter the house. Just then, two street dogs come there and attack the pit bull. After which this child easily enters his home.

Anushka Sharma shared the video.

The actress has shared this CCTV video on her Instagram account. He captioned the awareness video – ‘We should see both sides of anything’. Let us tell you that this video was originally shared on an Instagram handle called Dharamsala Animal Rescue. His caption read- ‘Watch the video till the end’. Now this video is going viral on social media. Animal lovers are getting comments like Adopt Don’t Shop on this video. So far, this video has been viewed millions of times on social media.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are both animal lovers. Even earlier, she has shared many posts about animals with her fans. Last year, the couple revealed that they were following a meat-free diet plan. This is not only because of their love for animals, but also because of the impact of animal consumption on the planet. Talking about the work front of the actress, the actress is currently on a break. She has taken some time off from Bollywood after the birth of her second child.

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