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Ot Zempik

Nowadays people are willing to do anything to lose weight. People are adopting various diet plans especially in the desire to lose weight in a short period of time. These days, a special diet plan called Ot Zempak is going viral on social media. Obesity-reducing trend Oat-Zempic is in the news on TikTok. It is being claimed that by eating oats mixed with certain ingredients, one can lose several kilograms of weight.

In fact, Oat-Zempic is going quite viral on TikTok. Add about half a cup of rolled oats to 1 cup of water in this recipe. Add the juice of half a lemon to it and drink it. Although this drink has no taste at all, it is considered a weight loss hack.

Claim to lose 18 kg in 2 months!

It is being said on social media that with this one can lose around 18 kg in 2 months. This medication is called Ozempic and is made by combining the diabetes drug Ozempic. It also uses the drug Ozempic. Some people take this medicine to lose weight.

Oats for weight loss

Oats are considered beneficial for weight loss. Oats made from barley are high in fiber and contain many essential nutrients for weight loss. According to nutritionists, such rapid weight loss with Oat-Gempic is questionable.

Health experts do not confirm this. Eating oats keeps the stomach full for longer and also reduces appetite, but it is not right to rely on Gempic alone for weight loss. If you are following this diet, be sure to consult a health professional first. Mindlessly delving into social media can harm your health.

(This article is for general information, please consult a doctor before taking any treatment)

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