Married at the age of 20, leaving behind an 11-month-old daughter to pursue a career, how did it succeed?

Birthday Special Shabhangi Perfumes: Every person in this world has their own story of struggle. Everyone works hard but not everyone necessarily gets success. Still, if one works hard, one gets success like TV actress Shobhangi Atre got. Today she is gaining popularity as the ‘Angoori Bhabhi’ of the industry, she had to work hard to get here.

Actress Shobhangi Atre is celebrating her 43rd birthday today and she looks gorgeous even at this stage of age. On the special occasion of her birthday, let us tell you the story of Shabhangi Atre from struggle to success.

Family Background of Shabhangi Atre

Shabangi Atre was born on 11 April 1981 in an ordinary family in Indore. In the TV serial ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ Shabangi is playing the role of an illiterate woman but in reality Shabangi has done MBA. Shobhangi Atre got married at the age of 20, she married Piyushpur with whom she has a daughter, Ashi. After almost 19 years of marriage, she has separated from her husband. However, they have not divorced yet because of their daughter.

Shobhangi Atre’s Struggle and Success Story

Shobhangi Atre has spoken about her struggles many times in interviews. According to reports, Shobhangi had said in an interview that ‘my daughter was 11 months old when I decided to come to Mumbai from Pune. It was very difficult for me to leave such a small girl but my husband supported me a lot at that time.

Shobhangi further explained that she used to travel from Mumbai to Pune every week for her daughter. People used to say that she was not doing good to the child by doing this and she felt guilty but her husband supported her. Today his daughter has turned 16 and now she is like his best friend.

Shabangi Atre got the chance to advertise shampoo for the first time. He also achieved this task with great difficulty. Meanwhile, he came to know that auditions were going on in Ekta Kapoor’s office for a role in ‘Kaswati Zindagi Ki’. She got selected there and after seeing her excellent performance, Ekta Kapoor gave her a show called ‘Kasthori’ in which she appeared as the lead actress.

Shobhangi Utre TV serials

Shabangi Atre has appeared in TV shows like ‘Zoo’, ‘Do Hanson Ka Joda’, ‘Adhuri Kahani Hamari’, ‘Kum Kum: Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan’. For the past few years, Shabangi has been seen in the role of ‘Angoori Bhabhi’ in ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ and has received several awards for her performance.

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