The CEO’s 6-year-old daughter gave the airline 1 star, with such interesting complaints that everyone was happy

Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways, one of the leading airlines in the world, has failed to satisfy a 6-year-old girl. This girl has given Etihad Airways only 1 star out of 10 in her review. After reading the complaints filed by them, not only the airline but also the social media got a wave of happiness. Actually, this girl is the daughter of Loyalty Status Company CEO Mark Ross Smith. Etihad Airways gave them a survey form. Mark claims that the survey form was filled by his daughter herself.

Interesting complaints written after traveling in business class

Mark Ross Smith has posted a review of his 6-year-old daughter on social media platform X. His daughter had traveled in business class on Etihad Airways. He did not like the trip very much. However, it was not because of the airline’s services. Rather, he complained that his school friends were not on the flight, so he was left alone. He didn’t get the baby food, which was supposed to contain lots of chocolate. Also he didn’t get a hot towel. The in-flight fun didn’t begin until the plane took off. He couldn’t find pajamas. His biggest complaint was that the Emirates staff gave him chocolate, which he didn’t get at Etihad.

“We were defeated by tough reviewers,” the alliance said.

Etihad also responded to this sweet post. He wrote that next time he will try to bring his school friends on the flight as well. Will also provide lots of chocolates. Apply for reunion at Etihad boarding gate. We hope we can get a 5 star rating from you then. We feel that we have been dealt with a very tough reviewer this time around.

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