Google, now backed by AI, will soon enter that prestigious club.

The race for artificial intelligence has become interesting worldwide. All the big companies in the world are going through a cut-throat competition to come out on top in terms of AI. Due to this changed situation, the stock market world equation is changing.

Nvidia took such a flight.

The market has recently seen a surprising rally in shares of Nvidia riding on the artificial intelligence chariot. AI boosted Nvidia so much that it overtook many giants in no time. Currently, in terms of MCAP, Nvidia is far ahead of Google’s parent company Alphabet, Facebook’s parent company Meta, Amazon, Tesla, etc.

Entry into the $2 trillion club

Now shares of Google, the stock of its parent company Alphabet, are getting a boost thanks to AI. Bloomberg reports that investors are expressing confidence in Alphabet’s AI strategy, which has led to the company’s shares starting to strengthen after falling in the early stages. The report expressed hope that Google’s market cap could soon exceed $2 trillion with this boom in shares.

These are the biggest companies in the world.

If this happens, Google will become the fourth company in the world, including the US market, to have a market value of more than 2 trillion dollars. Currently, there are only 3 companies listed on the US stock market with a market cap of more than $2-2 trillion. Microsoft is in the first position with the highest market cap of $3.18 trillion. In second place is Apple, which currently has a market cap of $2.70 trillion. Nvidia ranks third with an mcap of $2.26 trillion.

Google’s m-cap is overrated.

Shares of Google ( Alphabet ) were up 1.99 percent at $160.79 after the U.S. market closed on Thursday. Alphabet’s current market cap is $1.99 trillion. It is followed by Amazon and Saudi Aramco respectively. Amazon’s market cap is currently $1.96 trillion. Saudi Aramco is in sixth place with a value of $1.95 trillion. Thus, the five largest companies in the world in terms of m-cap are owned by the United States.

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