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The picture is going viral- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
The picture is going viral

Every day something goes viral on social media. Sometimes videos of people doing strange moves go viral, sometimes dance videos go viral. Apart from this, videos related to Jagad also keep going viral on social media. You must have seen many such videos. But currently an old post is going viral showing the answer sheet of a child. In this paper, the child has answered a question in such a way that you will not be able to control your laughter after reading it.

How can pollution be avoided?

The answer sheet is visible in a viral post on Instagram. The question is written at the top and the answer is written below it. The question is, how can pollution be avoided? The child then writes the answer below. The first child wrote, ‘Pollution can be avoided only if smoke from vehicles, water from factories and polluted air are reduced.’ The child has since written the Bollywood song ‘Baht Pyaar Karte Hain’. And at the end it is written that pollution can be avoided only if we take all these precautions.

Check out the viral post here

This post was shared on Instagram by an account called bittusharmainsta. This post was shared in September last year and is now going viral again. After reading the post, a user wrote – This child will decide the future of the country. Another user wrote – This is a future IAS officer. Some users shared laughing emojis.

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