More than 20 people sick after eating puris made from chestnut flour in Nagpur – India TV Hindi

Ill after eating packets of water chestnut flour - India TV Hindi

Image source: India TV
Sick after eating packets of water chestnut flour

Nagpur: During Navratri, many fasting people are suffering from food poisoning. The adulterers are not forgiving even those who are fasting. The latest case was seen in Nagpur, Maharashtra. More than 20 employees working at the Mahalakshmi Jagdamba temple in Koradi, Nagpur fell ill after eating puris made from water chestnut flour. This caused chaos in the temple premises. The sick people were admitted to the hospital.

Puris This problem started after eating.

According to reports, several temple employees were observing fast due to Chaitra Navratri. Water chestnut flour puris with fruits were made for the employees. After eating it, the employees suddenly started complaining of dizziness, stomach pain, vomiting etc. All were admitted to a nearby hospital.

The condition of the patients is out of danger.

Hospital doctors say that all the patients had the same symptoms. This is food poisoning. All are being given first aid. The condition of the patients is out of danger.

People fell ill during Mahashivratri too.

Earlier, more than 50 people in Nagpur district fell ill after consuming snacks and other food items during the Mahashivratri fast. On March 8 this year, the patients had to be admitted to the hospital after their health worsened. Those who became ill ate foods made from sago, potatoes and other ingredients. After eating it, everyone started vomiting, stomach ache etc.

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