Ali Javed made a video with Ori and said it’s free for me.

Orry-Urfi Video: These days Arfi Javed is in news for his debut film LSD 2. Fresh updates are coming out daily from the makers regarding this film as well. A new face is emerging from this film almost every day. Meanwhile, Bollywood celebrity favorite and internet sensation Auri was spotted with a nickname. This video of the actress is now going viral on social media.

How did Ori come up with a nickname for free?

In this viral video of the fashion designer-turned-actress Arfi, she entered with Ori. In this video, he first told the paps – nobody gave me an Idi. Apart from this, the actress said – I did not pay Auri to pose with me, I am taking the picture for free. It’s true that Ori often says that his biggest source of income is from fees for posing with celebrities. The question arises, what are they doing with the nickname? In this video, Arfi asks the paps another question about who she likes more between Arfi and Ori. In response to this, only one answer is heard and that is Oori.

Why didn’t Ori give her favorite pose?

Well, one thing to note in this whole matter is that recently a video of Uri came to light. Where he told Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh how he judges celebrities by their poses. In response, he called his favorite chest-hand step from the front along with his three steps as highly classy. But in the video of Arfi that has surfaced, Uri has not done any of these three B-poses with Arfi.

Now only Ori knows what that means. Talking about Auri and Arfi’s style in the video, Arfi is wearing a beautiful blue butterfly neck top as always. Ori is wearing a purple t-shirt with the slogan ‘YOLO – You Only Love Ori’. Both look great together.

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