Boss to be on leave, 1 lakh employees to take over, giant pharma company surprises everyone

No Boss Company: A strong bond between the boss and the employees plays an important role in taking the company forward. If this relationship starts to sour, its negative impact on the growth of the company is clearly visible. Hence companies change their HR policies from time to time to create harmony between boss and employees. But now a company has surprised everyone and decided to remove the boss. About 1 lakh employees of this company will now decide their own responsibilities. The pharmaceutical company Bayer, which supplies the world with famous medicines like Aspirin, has surprised the whole world by taking this big decision regarding middle management.

Employees will get freedom.

German pharma MNC Bayer has implemented this unique policy to give more freedom to its employees. The company believes that this will bring about positive changes. The company’s market share has fallen to its lowest level in the last two decades. That’s why the company has made this big change. According to a Fortune report, Bayer CEO Bill Anderson ((Bill Anderson, CEO of Bayer) has decided to remove the entire middle management from the company. He said that we want the end of corporate bureaucracy. We are delegating the responsibility of running the company to our nearly 1 lakh employees. He will take care of himself and the company. The company’s CEO hopes this will bring more creativity to buyer management.

There will also be savings of $2.17 billion.

Bill Anderson told Business Insider that the project had been in his mind for a long time. Eliminating middle management will save the company about $2.17 billion. He said that we provide jobs to educated and trained people. We then push them into eight layers of rules and regulations and management. Then we wonder why big companies are so late in taking decisions. If I say frankly, we are not able to work. Since you have to consult many people, new ideas do not get space.

Employees will make 95% of decisions themselves.

“We will design every job and process differently at Bayer,” said Bill Anderson. Our focus will be on the customer and the product. We are going to delegate about 95 percent of the company’s decisions to employees. In fact, these are the people who get the job done.

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