Chemically injected watermelons FSSAI explains how to identify them.

Summer season has started. In such situations, people eat watermelon a lot. Watermelon is a fruit that is rich in both fiber and water. Red, sweet to look at and rich in water, watermelon is very beneficial for health. Everyone from kids to adults eat a lot of watermelon in summer.

How to Identify Injected Watermelons

People eat a lot of watermelon to avoid dehydration. But these days people are eating fruits with chemicals. Injected watermelons are available in the market. FSSAI has released a video in which it explains how to identify watermelons containing chemicals. So that you can easily recognize the damage caused by it.

How to check with cotton balls

If you want to identify a watermelon with chemicals, first cut the watermelon in half. Then take cotton balls and press the cotton balls into the red pulp area. If the color of the balls turns red after pressing, then understand that chemicals have been mixed in it.

Damage to the body from chemicals

According to research, red color is often added to watermelons. Long-term use of this chemical erythrosin also affects the behavior of children. It also greatly affects the thyroid function. This color can cause many problems.

Carbide is often used to ripen fruits. When you see white powder on watermelon, it may be due to carbide addition. In such a case, whenever you buy a watermelon from the market, wash it well and only then cut it.

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