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Brutal murder of husband

Faridabad: A shocking case has come to light from Faridabad, which is adjacent to Delhi. Four people, including his wife, have been arrested for the murder of a man from Ajrunda village in Faridabad late on Friday night. The police spokesperson gave this information on Saturday. The spokesperson said that the initial investigation has revealed that the wife conspired with her lover to kill her husband.

He said that as part of the conspiracy, the lover shot the person and burnt the body by pouring petrol and the wife saw the whole incident through video call. The wife and her lover were arrested late Friday night and two others were later arrested for aiding and abetting the crime, the spokesman said.

Wife involved in conspiracy

According to the spokesperson, Rajesh’s wife Poonam carried out the incident along with her cousin brother-in-law and lover Mahesh, who was living with them since the lockdown and worked in a company. As part of the plan, Mahesh took Rajesh to Nandgaon (Mathra) in Uttar Pradesh on the pretext of giving him money and along with two friends killed him and burnt the body, police said.

DLF Crime Branch in-charge Sandeep Kumar said that on March 16, Barsana police found Rajesh’s half-burnt body in the fields of Nandgaon. As he could not be identified for 72 hours, his last rites were performed. He said that the murder was revealed through the call details of Mahesh and Poonam. After that, the main accused Mahesh, his two friends Dharmendra and Mahendra, Poonam, wife of Rajesh, a resident of Barsana, were arrested and sent to jail after legal proceedings. (input language)

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