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Telangana CM Revanth Reddy in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’

New Delhi: Telangana Chief Minister and State Congress President A. Revanth Reddy has said that PM Modi can win a maximum of 214 to 240 Lok Sabha seats this time despite his slogan of ‘cross 400 this time’. Answering questions on Rajat Sharma’s popular TV show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Revant Reddy said: ‘South India has 129 Lok Sabha seats. In Karnataka they can win maximum 10 to 12 seats. Telangana got 4 seats in 2019, this time it will get 2. Last time BJP won in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. His alliance had done very well in UP and Bihar. At that time we got 100 percent, 95 percent seats everywhere and the number reached 300. Now if they want to win 400 seats then they have to win in Pakistan not in India.

When asked about his estimate of BJP’s number of seats this time, Revanth Reddy said: ‘I am going to say this today. This time Modi will win maximum 214 to 240 seats. It’s fine to say ‘400 par’ to create an impression. Even KCR (BRS chief and former chief minister of Telangana) had claimed that he would win 100 assembly seats, but in last year’s elections he won 39 seats. You can claim to win more than 400 in politics and whatsapp university but the ground reality also has to be seen. The CSDS survey states that 62 percent of youth are unhappy with unemployment.

Attack on KCR, KTR and BRS

In a scathing attack on Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) chief, former CM K Chandrasekhar Rao, Revanth Reddy alleged that BRS had ‘supadi’ to help BJP win at least 5 Lok Sabha seats. ‘ Has taken.’ He alleged that the BRS people have ‘contracted’ to work for the BJP in the seats of Mehboob Nagar, Chewela, Zaheerabad, Bhungir and Malkajgiri.

Reddy BRS Leader K.T. He was responding to Rama Rao’s allegation that the chief minister might join the BJP after the Lok Sabha elections.

Revanth Reddy said, ‘If I was hungry for power, I would have joined his party (BRS) in 2014. Or I could have joined BJP in 2017. I worked hard myself, contested the election in my own name and won the election and became the Chief Minister. I did not become the Chief Minister at the mercy of anyone or in the name of my father or grandfather. I became the Chief Minister by working hard. He added, ‘What does KTR have to do with it? He got the job through management quota in his father’s name. He will not be able to become a peon without his father’s name.

Asked why Congress leaders are leaving the party in large numbers, Revanth Reddy replied: ‘It is because of the ED and Income Tax issues. You know, Modiji’s slogan is – ICE or NICE. ICE stands for Income Tax, CBI, ED and NES stands for Narcotics, Income Tax, CBI, ED. what you want? Want ICE or NICE? Which cases need meaning? So out of this, the leaders of ICE or NICE would have presented it to people. So they went there.

Asked what he offered the three MLAs and one mayor who joined the Congress from KCR’s party, Reddy replied: ‘Membership in the Rajya Sabha. K Keshav Rao was the BRS leader in Parliament.

Rajat Sharma: What did you offer? ICE or NICE?

Revanth Reddy: Nothing, I just gave them love.

Rajat Sharma: Have you installed a washing machine?

Revanth Reddy (laughing): ‘no. Not yet purchased. Are you settled in a new home now?

Revanth Reddy also spoke on Adani.

Asked why he gave projects worth Rs 12,400 crore to industrialist Gautam Adani at a time when his party leader Rahul Gandhi is calling Adani a ‘picket’, Revanth Reddy replied: ‘I have given my projects. did not give Modi gave ports and airports. I took money from Adaniji’s pocket and invested it in my state. I invested with them in the power sector and the artificial intelligence sector. I want investment from everyone in my state, be it Adani, Tata, Birla, Ambani or anyone else. I want to provide equal opportunities to all those who can provide employment in my state. The Adani brand does not mean incompetence. And, I don’t want to support anyone out of the way.

Reddy said, ‘What Rahulji says is right. The central government is awarding projects to Adani at cheap rates. I did not meet Adani behind closed doors. I met him in public. I invited them to invest in my state so that people can get employment.

Rajat Sharma: Rahul Gandhi says that Adani is robbing the country. How can you allow a looter to invest in your state?

Revanth Reddy: ‘I will not let you be robbed, for I am. I will not allow anyone to loot Telangana. We will take investment, guarantee employment. I will guarantee the coming investors. Guaranteeing investment does not mean stealing people’s money. I am here to protect public money.

Arrest of Kejriwal

Telangana Chief Minister termed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest as ‘illegal’. “People all over the country are watching what happened,” he said. (Delhi liquor) case is going on for 2 years. He was arrested during the elections because BJP was afraid of losing the elections. What difference would it have made if he had been arrested 2 months later? Two sitting chief ministers were arrested after the election schedule was announced. If there is evidence in the case, why did the ED remain silent for two years? If there is no evidence, why arrest during the election? Modi ji should answer. The way Modi ji is trying to run and save his government is not good for the country. Corruption must be punished, but 140 crore people are watching how the situation unfolds. ‘If ED arrests Chief Ministers after elections are announced, does it increase the prestige of the country?’

Rajat Sharma: You said you want to build a double bedroom in the jail for CR and his family. This is correct?

Revanth Reddy: I am talking about the situation. What is the charge against Kejriwal ji? His party took Rs 100 crore from a liquor merchant to spend in Goa and Punjab elections. And the same liquor merchant gave Rs 400-500 crore to BJP in the form of electoral bonds. Then you can buy it in white or black. What is the difference between you two?

Rajat Sharma: Will this affect the election?

Revanth Reddy: Of course. People are watching. After the order of the Supreme Court, the public can clearly see who gave how much money to which party. Election bonds worth Rs 22,500 crore were purchased across India, of which the BJP received Rs 6,780 crore in the last 4 years. Now BJP’s agenda has shifted away from Ram Mandir. Modi ji is now only talking about not sparing the corrupt and promising to send them to jail.

When asked if KCR’s daughter is involved in the Delhi liquor case? While Kavita’s arrest may garner sympathy from the BRS, Reddy responded: ‘He has not been arrested in the Telangana corruption case, he has been arrested in the Delhi corruption case. If KCR was arrested, it could have affected the elections. K Kavita’s arrest has nothing to do with the Telangana elections.

Any leader from the south can become the prime minister.

When asked if the Congress was going to field someone from the South as Prime Minister, Revant Reddy replied: ‘Mulkarjuna Khargeji from Karnataka is the Congress president, from Kerala K. C. Venugopal is the General Secretary, Rahul Gandhi representing South. In the coming days, someone from the South may become the Prime Minister.

Rajat Sharma: That is why the Congress quitters are saying that the South lobby has taken over the party?

Revanth Reddy: ‘Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have 42 MPs, and only one cabinet minister, Kishan Reddy. Gujarat has 26 MPs and 7 cabinet ministers from there. He has 62 MPs and 12 cabinet ministers from UP. From the Prime Minister to the Defense Minister and the Interior Minister, all portfolios are held by the people of the North. Prime Minister, Vice President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha are all from North India. Are we not part of this country? Isn’t South India in India?

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