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NHRC report on Sandishakhli case

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has identified “several incidents of atrocities” in its on-the-ground investigation into the Sandishakhli case in West Bengal, and has said that due to “negligence” in preventing such incidents. There has been a “violation of human rights”. The NHRC in its report said that the safety of women as well as children and the elderly is also at risk. This forced women to leave their homes and areas as crimes such as violence and sexual exploitation were on the rise.

NHRC received the report in February.

NHRC received a report dated 21.02.2024 stating that innocent and poor women were harassed and sexually assaulted by a group in Sandishakhli, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. A local group of a political person is behind it, due to which the local villagers have started protesting for the past few days demanding appropriate legal action. But the local administration failed to take any proper legal action against the perpetrators of heinous crimes committed by such hooligans and anti-social elements.

“The safety of children and the elderly was also put at risk.”

The NHRC report said that the safety and security of women as well as children and the elderly are at risk. Due to which women had to leave their homes and areas because crimes like violence and sexual exploitation were taking place on a large scale. Thereafter, the Commission ordered action on 21.02.2024. The Chief Secretary and Director General of Police issued a notice to the state government and sought a report on the violence in West Bengal. Apart from this, security and other measures were suggested to be taken against the perpetrators of the action or crime in Sandishakhli.

The NHRC made these recommendations.

The NHRC report also suggested remedial measures to instill confidence among Sandishakhli victims. In Sandishakhli there was harmony among local people including women. It was also recommended that victims of torture be compensated or paid. The NHRC also requested the commission members to conduct an on-site investigation into the incidents of human torture to ascertain the facts.

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