Seeing the threat of war, the airlines changed their routes, know which flights were affected?

Israel-Iran conflict: Tension between Israel and Iran is increasing. The possibility of war between the two countries has increased. Air traffic has been badly affected by the threat of war. Many airlines have started to distance themselves from Iran and Israel. If no solution is found soon, this dispute may have a negative impact on many leading airlines of the world. Air India and Qantas Airways have decided that they will not use Iran’s airspace for now. Apart from this, Lufthansa Airlines has also stopped flights to Tehran.

Air India removed itself from Iran’s airspace.

According to flight tracking data, the London-bound Air India flight crossed Iran’s airspace on Saturday and reached its destination after a long detour. In a report filed by NDTV citing sources, Air India flights to Europe will now have to fly 45 minutes longer due to the longer route. However, tensions between Israel and Iran will not affect flights to the Middle East. Air India has not operated flights to Tel Aviv for 5 months due to the Gaza war. It was launched recently.

Lufthansa flight will not go to Tehran.

On the other hand, the German airline Lufthansa has banned flights to and from Tehran since April 6. Its subsidiary Austrian Airlines has also made it clear that it will not use Iran’s airspace for now. The Lufthansa Airline spokesperson said that this decision has been taken in view of the ongoing crises in the Middle East.

Qantas Airways also diverted flights.

In addition, Qantas Airways has also diverted several of its flights to avoid using Middle Eastern airspace. Its Perth to London flight will now fly via Singapore. The flight will now have a fuel stop in Singapore for the next few days. A Qantas Airways spokesperson said it was monitoring the situation.

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