Woman diagnosed with cancer, boss asks when to return to work, condemnation from all sides

Viral post on social media: Sometimes companies take such decisions for work, which become a target of criticism. Something similar happened to a company boss, who was pressuring a female employee suffering from cancer to come to the office. Apart from this, a doctor’s certificate was also asked from the female employee. Ever since the post hit social media, people have been pointing fingers at the boss’s behavior.

A treatment plan was asked from the female employee.

In fact, the child of the female employee, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, posted the incident on Reddit. He also posted the email he received from his boss to his mother. Also wrote that the boss is asking my mother for a treatment plan so that she can decide on her work. The email asked if you could get your doctor to write down how fit you are to work. It should clearly state what you can and cannot do. Your treatment plan will help us plan.

People’s anger is visible in the comments.

This post received many user comments. People accused the boss of not showing compassion. One user wrote that it is inhumane. I am very sorry. Another user wrote, “I didn’t want to say this but maybe only when she suffers from a deadly disease like Boss Cancer, she will understand the pain.” Another also wrote about how weird some people are. I hope your mother finds the strength to get rid of such a boss. It is unfair to do this to a sick employee. Some people are the epitome of evil.

Such cases keep coming on social media.

This is not the first time that a company boss has tried to harass his employees in this way. Many times, complaints about the behavior of employees of companies have come up on social media. Another Reddit user recently wrote something similar about his boss. His father had passed away. Still the boss scolded him for not coming to work.

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