A unique procession of bridegrooms took place in Haryana, the one who saw it was left watching – India TV Hindi

Unemployed youth demonstrate.- India TV Hindi

Image source: India TV
Unemployed youth demonstrated.

Election campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana is in full swing. Meanwhile, hundreds of unemployed youths staged a unique protest in Jund to convey their stand to the government. An unemployed youth dressed as a groom and rode on a chariot while the rest of the protesters took out a procession and started shouting anti-government slogans. Unemployed youths protesting with posters and banners followed the chariot and danced to the tune of drums. Unemployed youths from all over Haryana participated in this demonstration.

These youths protested for several kilometers in the city and ended the protest by going to the BJP office. Here a clear ultimatum was given to the BJP leaders that this time only those who raise the voice of the unemployed in Parliament will get votes. The protesters had written on the banner – ‘I am an unemployed bridegroom, if the young man gets angry, the dream of crossing 400 will be broken’. The protesters said that the unemployed youth would protest in all the seven Lok Sabha constituencies of the state.

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