Elon Musk’s company has suspended more than 2 lakh accounts in India.

Elon Musk’s social media company X has created a unique record in India. This record is for banning millions of accounts in a month. X has created this record by processing more than 2 lakh accounts in just one month.

So many accounts suspended in one month

X Corporation, the company that operates and manages social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, disclosed the move in its monthly report. The company said that in the month of March, 212,627 accounts were banned on its social media platform for various violations of rules.

Action was taken for these reasons.

Many of the accounts that have been banned were for promoting sexual offenses against children and spreading nudity without consent. Apart from this, action has also been taken against several accounts promoting terrorism in Indian cyberspace. X said it has processed the relevant account to ensure compliance with the new IT rules of 2021.

Many accounts were suspended in January-February.

According to the monthly report, during the month of March, 1,235 accounts were removed for spreading terrorism in Indian cyberspace. In the past, X Corp has also taken action against accounts that violate the rules on its social media platforms. The company suspended 56,173 accounts in India between January 26 and February 25.

Indian users have filed more than 5,000 complaints.

During the period under review, X received 5,158 complaints from Indian customers, the report said. The Company processed these complaints under the Grievance Redressal Procedure. The company received 86 complaints against account suspension. After review, the company withdrew the suspension in the case of 7 accounts. The rest of the accounts remain suspended.

This was the most complained about item.

X received the highest number of complaints from India regarding embargo evasion. The number of these complaints was 3,074. While Indian users filed 953 complaints related to sensitive adult content, 412 complaints related to hateful conduct and 359 complaints related to abuse or harassment.

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