Firing outside Salman Khan’s house, security increased at Bhaijan’s apartment.

Firing at Salman Khan’s house: Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan i.e. Salman Khan’s life was saved. This morning on April 14, two unknown persons opened fire near Bhaijaan’s Galaxy apartment in Bandra. First, the two men came on a motorcycle and then fired three rounds in the air after the apartment. The security of Salman Khan’s house has been increased after the firing was reported. Not only this, the Mumbai Police has also started its investigation.

Police are busy investigating after the shooting.
A police officer gave this information. The officer said that on Sunday morning, two unidentified riders came on a motorcycle and started firing outside Salman Khan’s house. The two fired three rounds at Salman’s Galaxy apartment around 5 am and fled from there. Local police and crime branch have started investigation into the incident.

Police suspect the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

After the incident, the security of Salman’s house has been increased. Police suspect gangster Lawrence Bishnoi gang behind the incident. Lawrence Bishnoi has threatened to kill Salman Khan several times in the past. In such a situation, the police now suspect the involvement of his gang in this incident.

Lawrence Bishnoi had threatened to kill Salman Khan.
It is known that Salman Khan has received death threats from Lawrence Bishnoi several times in the past. Bishnoi had openly threatened and said – Salman Khan is a fool who thinks that Dawood Ibrahim can keep him out of our reach. No one can save you. Not only this, after that Salman’s team also received a threatening email, which was also linked to the gangster.

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