KCR accuses BJP of creating ‘religious fanaticism’ – India TV Hindi

KCR Attacks BJP - India TV Hindi

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KCR attacked BJP.

Hyderabad: Former Telangana chief minister and BRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) on Saturday blamed central agencies like the ED for spreading ‘religious fanaticism’ and intimidating opposition parties for political gain on the BJP. Accused of using Addressing a rally in Chiwela, KCR said that BJP has been in power for 10 years. Apart from inciting sentiments and spreading religious fanaticism, has any good work been done for any section of the society or the poor during the BJP era?

KCR said that what is happening in the country today? Will you join BJP or go to jail? This is how you are being intimidated. Is it politics? Is this the way to move the country forward? Democracy is being destroyed everywhere. We should not vote blindly.

KCR alleged that the BJP-led government at the Center sanctioned 157 medical colleges in the country during the last 10 years, but not a single medical college to Telangana. While he had written 100 letters to the Center in this regard. He said that the NDA government did not even establish Navodaya Vidyalayas in Telangana after the formation of new districts in the state. Further attacking the government, he claimed that when BRS leaders demanded the Center to buy paddy produced in the state, a Union minister had remarked that the people of Telangana should eat broken rice.

KCR also criticized the state Congress government for not fulfilling its election promises. He said that the Congress government has failed to ensure uninterrupted supply of water and electricity.

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