Salman Khan on getting death threats ‘Nobody will save you…’

Threats to kill Salman Khan Bollywood’s brother, Salman Khan, has survived quite a bit. Four rounds were fired near the actor’s Galaxy apartment in Bandra. The firing was done in the air on April 14 at 4:50 am. The shooter has not been identified. There were two shooters who escaped after the shooting. After receiving the information, the security of Salman’s house has been increased.

Strict security arrangements have already been made for Salman Khan. This is not the first time that Salman Khan’s life has come under discussion. Even before this, Bhaijaan has received death threats several times.

Salman was receiving constant death threats.
In the year 2023, Salman Khan received several death threats one after the other. Sometimes he was threatened by mail and sometimes informed by phone. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s name came out behind all these threats after which the security of Bhaijaan was increased.

Salman Khan was threatened to be killed by the gangster Lawrence Bishnoi sitting in jail. Bishnoi had said – Salman Khan, don’t be a fool to think that Dawood Ibrahim can save you from our reach. No one can save you.

This series did not stop here. After this, Salman also received death threats from Goldie Brar. Salman’s team also received a threatening email from an unknown person after which a complaint was lodged. The person who sent the email was identified as 21-year-old Dhakdram Rohicha. After which the accused was arrested.

Salman Khan’s security has been increased.
Let us tell you that after receiving repeated death threats, the Mumbai Police made strict security arrangements for Salman Khan. He was also forbidden to go out for a few days. Not only this, Y+ security is also installed for them. A bulletproof vehicle was also purchased for this. Bhai Jaan still lives in great security. However, Salman Khan does not like to live in such security. After receiving death threats he said – ‘I have to die one day’.

Why Bishnoi after Salman Khan?
In fact, Lawrence Bishnoi had threatened Salman Khan over the blackbuck case. Lawrence Bishnoi and his village worship the black deer. Meanwhile, Bishnoi is angry with Salman and wants Salman to apologize in front of the whole country or else he will not let him live.

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