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Image source: AP
Rain in the Congo (file photo)

Heavy rains and landslides in Congo: In the Congo, natural disasters have been witnessed. The situation has worsened in southwestern Congo after heavy rains. At least 15 people have been killed and around 60 are missing due to rain-induced landslides. Local authorities informed about it. Local officials said seven people were found alive after a mudslide occurred not far from the port near the town of Adiofa. Local official Dhedhe Mopasa said that there is a hill ahead of the port and due to the rain, the soil on the hill slid, causing a major accident.

The search for the missing persons is ongoing.

The province’s interim governor, Fleisin Kewe, told reporters that a team sent to search for the missing found seven people alive and admitted them to hospital. He said that 60 people are still missing. A local official said that it was difficult to ascertain the exact number of missing persons as a market was held at the place every Saturday. The area is a kind of port, where fishermen come to sell fish, the official said.

Have seen the disaster before.

Even before this, rain and landslide disasters have been seen in Congo. Last year in the month of December too, heavy rains caused havoc in Congo. At least 14 people were killed in landslides following heavy rains in Bukavu town here. Earlier in December, torrential rains in northwestern Congo triggered landslides in September that killed at least 17 people. (AP)

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