Rising incidents of deaths of Indian students abroad are a major concern for the government: S Jaishankar

Bengaluru. Amid the rise in violent attacks on Indian students in the US, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said on Monday that such cases are not connected but are definitely a cause of great concern for the government. Many Indian students have also lost their lives in these attacks. According to him, some students were killed due to personal reasons while others were victims of accidents.

Responding to a question from reporters about the rise in the number of Indian students who have been subjected to violent attacks abroad, Jaishankar said, “Obviously, in every case where there is an unfortunate incident with students, the responsibility lies with the students. belongs to the family.” It is a great tragedy and a great concern for us, but our embassy or consulate has looked at each case and they (the cases) are not really connected.

He said the embassies have been instructed to stay in touch and communicate with students to warn them to avoid going to dangerous areas, especially cities. He said that there are 11 to 12 lakh Indian students living in different countries. Jaishankar said, “Students’ welfare is very important. Like I said, every Indian who goes abroad has Modi’s guarantee. Students’ welfare is especially important to us.

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