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RCB can still make it to the playoffs, it just has to work.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru Playoff Scenario: RCB team has lost another match. The team has won only 1 out of 7 matches played so far and lost 6. Meanwhile, it is the only team to have played half of its 7 league matches. The rest of the teams have played only five and six matches. Currently, the team is at the bottom of the points table i.e. tenth position. He has only two points. Meanwhile, if we talk about the playoffs and if you think RCB is out of the top 4 race then it is not. The team can still make the playoffs.

RCB lost 6 out of 7 matches

Under the captaincy of Faf du Plessis, RCB is one of the teams that have not managed to win the IPL title even once. This time also the name of the team was changed. It was renamed as Royal Challengers Bangalore instead of Royal Challengers Bangalore but the name change did not affect the fortunes and performance of the team. For the past several seasons, the team has struggled to make the playoffs, let alone the title. Something similar seems to be happening this time too. However, even after 6 defeats, the team is not out of the playoff race.

Now all remaining 7 matches are to be won.

The question now is what RCB will have to do if they want to make it to the playoffs. The first is that any team must have at least 16 points to qualify for the playoffs. And the big thing is that even with 16 points, it is not certain that the team will go to the playoffs. For this, it is important that his net run rate is also good. RCB currently have 2 points with 7 matches remaining. If the team wins all seven matches from here, it will have 14 plus first two and 16 points. This means that entry into the playoffs can be made this way.

All the teams are still alive in the playoff race.

The RCB team is not officially out of the playoff race yet, but should be considered out now. Because a team that has lost 2 of the first seven matches, it would be pointless to expect them to win the remaining seven matches. Because the way other teams are performing, it doesn’t look like they will allow RCB to win more than two or three matches. In such a case, after another defeat, RCB’s remaining hopes of going to the playoffs will also be lost. But the equation still has some way to go. It will be interesting to see how the team performs in their upcoming matches.

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