11 trains canceled, 19 routes changed due to farmers’ protest, passengers forced to sleep on platform – India TV Hindi

Ambala Railway Station- India TV Hindi.

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Congestion at Ambala Railway Station

Commuters are facing a lot of trouble due to farmers’ rail roko movement. Farmers have blocked the railway track near Shambhu railway station demanding the release of jailed farmers. Due to this farmers’ action, 11 trains have been canceled from Ambala station and the routes of 19 trains have been changed. Common people are facing problems due to cancellation of trains. A large number of people can be seen sleeping on the platform itself.

People are worried about the farmers’ decision. Many people waited for hours for the train. Ambala railway station is crowded with passengers, passengers traveling by train are facing a lot of problems. Many passenger trains were canceled mid-morning. The situation is that people are not getting seats at the station. Meanwhile, people blamed the railway administration saying that there is no one to report which train is running canceled or delayed.

Why are farmers protesting?

The central government had introduced the Agriculture Bill to amend the law related to procurement of crops from farmers. Farmers were not happy with the changes brought about by this bill. Because of which this movement started. At first, only farmers from Punjab and Haryana were on the streets, but later farmers from other states also joined and the government had to withdraw the bill. After that the farmers’ movement stopped but after some time the farmers came back to the streets. Farmers demand that those farmers who were arrested during the movement be released from jail. Farmers want a minimum support price law as per the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission. Loans of farmers and peasants who lost their lives in the movement should be waived. One individual should be given a job along with compensation to his family.

(Reporting by Krishna Bali from Ambala)

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