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Screenshots of viral post on social media- India TV Hindi.

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Screenshots of viral posts on social media

Many videos from Dubai are currently going viral on social media platforms. It can be seen in the video that water is water all around and people are walking or driving in the same water. We inform you that from late Monday night to Tuesday morning, there was heavy rain in many areas of the United Arab Emirates, after which such conditions arose there. Roads, houses and malls in Dubai are submerged in water. The National Meteorological Center has issued an alert for several areas until 6 pm on Wednesday, April 17. Meanwhile, some posts are going viral on social media in which people are trolling Dubai regarding the drainage system. Some people are even defending it.

People trolled like this.

Currently, videos of Dubai itself are going viral on social media platforms, in which the streets are seen flooded with water. After watching these videos, some people started trolling Dubai’s drainage system and comparing it with Mumbai. While posting, a user wrote – UAE made artificial rain but forgot to build drains. While sharing the video from Dubai, another user wrote – Seeing the rain in Dubai has increased my respect for the BMC administration in Mumbai.

Check out the trolling posts here

What did people say in support of Dubai?

While everyone on social media is busy trolling Dubai’s drainage system and calling Mumbai better, some people also posted in support of Dubai. A user wrote – People are really comparing Dubai to Mumbai. Simply put, Mumbai expects only so much rain. This is a unique event for Dubai and the city is not built for such heavy rains. While one user wrote – Indians are making fun of Dubai for not building infrastructure. On a per capita basis they have 100 times more infrastructure than India.

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