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Pawan Kumar, Who Cleared UPSC CSE 2023 Exam and Got AIR 239 Rank - India TV Hindi

Pawan Kumar, who cleared the UPSC CSE 2023 exam and secured an AIR 239 rank.

“Who says there can’t be a hole in the sky? So throw rocks with all your might, friends.” Pawan Kumar has fulfilled this line of poet Dushant Kumar by clearing the UPAC exam. Pawan Kumar, the son of a laborer and hailing from a very poor family, has secured an AIR 239 in the UPSC CSE 2023 result. The entire family, including the parents, is proud of their son’s success. Let us inform you that the Union Public Service Commission released the final results of UPSC CSE 2023 yesterday i.e. on 16 April 2024.

If seen, most of the youth aspire to crack UPSC and become an officer. But this is UPAC exam sir, it’s no joke, what you wanted, you got. To achieve this goal, some struggling people spend hours every day in the heat of study and only then do they get the flags of success. There are some people who kiss the sky without coaching success due to their financial constraints and poverty. Pawan Kumar is one such person, he didn’t let poverty stop his goal and turned his determination into reality and cleared UPSC in his third attempt.

What does Pawan Kumar say?

Pawan Kumar says, “This was my third attempt. My family played a huge role in my journey, especially my parents and my sisters. The exam is tough and the syllabus is huge, but it is not impossible to pass. Not necessary. My family’s condition for taking coaching was such that I could not afford such expensive coaching classes and you can go ahead honestly.”

‘We still use the stove’

Suman Devi, Pawan Kumar’s mother, says, “I wish we saw this day. We have a thatched roof that leaks when it rains. It has caused us a lot of trouble. We have no money.” I can’t afford a gas cylinder, so we still use the stove. While I worked hard as a laborer, he studied quietly at home using his mobile phone.

‘We often went to bed hungry’

Pawan Kumar’s father Mukesh Kumar says, “With her hard work and her support despite our circumstances, we have made it this far. We have gone through all sorts of oddities to afford our daughters’ education. Poor jobs.” We barely saved money to renovate our house because our roof leaked during the rains, but he was stubborn in his studies, we often went to bed hungry, now God has blessed us.”

‘When there was no electricity, we used to read with lamps’

“We lived in a peaceful environment and he loved peace,” says Pawan Kumar’s sister Goldie. did all sorts of odd jobs. For money, he needed a mobile phone, so we all worked hard to buy him one so he could study.”

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