Another shock to Congress in Amethi, close to Rahul Gandhi joins BJP – India TV Hindi

Vikas Agrahari joins BJP - India TV Hindi

Image source: India TV
Vikas Agrahari joins BJP

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Congress party has suffered another setback in Amethi. Rahul Gandhi’s close associate Vikas Agrahari has joined the BJP. Agrahari was posted as the state coordinator in the Congress party. He joined the BJP in the presence of Union Minister Smriti Irani.

Vikas Agrahari hails from Jagdeshpur and was made the state coordinator by the Congress. Vikas Agrahari was one of Rahul Gandhi’s close associates. He took charge of Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign in Amethi. Now, his joining the BJP has given the party a big shock.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

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