Brother, is this a house or a mirage? Everyone will be giddy after watching the video, Watch Viral Video – India TV Hindi

Screenshot of Viral Video- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
Screenshot of the viral video

The world of social media is very strange. From time to time, videos are shown here that confuse even a good person after watching them. Sometimes a unique use of a scooter is seen, sometimes a video of a unique toilet goes viral. If you are active on all social media platforms, then you must have seen many such videos, which must have blown your mind after watching them. And if you haven’t, watch this video. You will definitely feel giddy after watching the video. Let’s know what is in the video?

Have you ever seen a house like this?

Currently, a video of a house is going viral on social media. Whenever one sees the house from the front, it will feel like a very nice house. Because this house will have shops downstairs, a room on the upper floor and also a balcony. But as soon as you come to the house and see the house, you will be dizzy. It is not a house but only a wall. You will not be able to see anything behind this wall. If you don’t understand this way, just watch the video.

Watch the viral video here

The video was shared on the micro-blogging platform X (formerly Twitter) by an account named @Gulzar_Sahib. The caption with the video reads, ‘Whose house is this brother?’ More than 7,000 people have watched the video till the time of writing. After watching the video, a user wrote – Where is the way to go? Another user wrote – This is a bungalow of ghosts. A third user wrote, “My head was spinning.” A user said that such houses are built only for shooting. Hyderabad Film City has such unfinished houses.

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