China’s “soldiers” deployed not only in water, land and sky but also in space, NASA reveals – India TV Hindi

Symbolic image of the Chinese Space Force.  - India TV Hindi.

Image source: The Guardian
Symbolic image of the Chinese Space Force.

Washington: Till now all the countries of the world must have heard only about the deployment of their army, navy and air force. But did you know that China has gone much further than that? The American space agency NASA has made such a revelation about China, which has stirred up the whole world. You will also be surprised to know the truth of this incident. NASA chief Bill Nelson has claimed that China has deployed its secret soldiers into space. That is, it is China’s space army. The British newspaper Guardian has given this sensational news regarding the head of NASA.

By revealing China’s military presence in space, the head of NASA has removed the ground from under America’s feet. The United States already suspected that China was making major efforts in the direction of a space force. Now NASA’s revelations have confirmed America’s suspicions. China is constantly increasing its space force presence in space to fight proxy wars with other countries of the world, including the United States. This is a cause of concern not only for America but for the entire world.

China will also lay claim to the Moon’s resources while increasing the strength of its space force.

NASA chief Bill Nelson has told US lawmakers that China has a military presence in space. He said that China is using its civilian space programs to hide military programs. This would allow China to stake its claim on lunar resources.

The head of NASA has said that China’s military presence in space has been confirmed.

Where has China reached in 10 years?

“China has made extraordinary advances, especially in the last 10 years, but they are very secretive,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told US lawmakers on Capitol Hill. “We believe that much of their so-called civilian space program is a military program and I think, really, we’re in a race,” The Guardian quoted Nelson as saying. The head of NASA has also warned Washington to be vigilant because of reports that China is expanding its space capabilities by using civilian programs to disguise military objectives.

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