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Election Flashback: India TV Hindi

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Election Flashback:

Election Flashback: The first phase of campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls ended on Wednesday and voting is scheduled to take place on Friday. Meanwhile, for the remaining 6 phases, political parties have put all their energy into their election campaigns. Various slogans have been raised by the political parties in the elections. Echoes of ‘this time 400 par’ are echoed by the BJP and its allies. Along with this, the opposition parties are also trying their best to sideline the ruling party with different slogans.

Slogans have proved to be very important in Indian politics. From the city to the village, political parties create an atmosphere in their favor with these slogans. These slogans have also acted as a catalyst in the overthrow of governments.

Eat ration, drink oil..

If we talk about changing the political climate through slogans, the most important occasion was the 1977 Lok Sabha elections. In the post-Emergency elections, the opposition gave this slogan – eat ration, drink oil, watch this game of Indira. This slogan had a significant impact on the elections. Congress candidates faced defeat at many places. In the 1977 elections, the Congress lost its power at the center due to this slogan.

The series of slogans has been going on since the first election.

Although the series of slogans started from the first Lok Sabha elections. Jan Sangh was founded in 1952. Earlier, Jan Sangh’s electoral symbol in the Lok Sabha was Deepak. At that time the slogan was given – Work for every hand, Water for every field… Every house has a sign of Deepak Jan Singh.

Baby baby Atal Bihari..

Talking about the 1967 Lok Sabha elections, the slogan of the Jana Sangh at that time was – preparing for a bright future… Bachcha Bachcha Atal Bihari…. Then we have discussed the slogans and slogans of 1977 above. This was followed by a period in the 1980s when several Congress leaders joined other parties. Slogans were also raised in this regard. The slogan was – Trapped in the clutches, the seal will be put in the claws…

You will get sugar at seven o’clock, you will reach your bed early.

Similarly, when the price of sugar rose in 1985, the opposition parties targeted the Congress through election slogans. Earlier the price of sugar was Rs 3 per kg but in 1985 the price of sugar reached Rs 7 per kg. On this, the opposition shouted that sugar will be available at seven o’clock, they will reach their beds soon… Thus, in every election, political parties try to strengthen their position among the people by raising various slogans.

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Due to the slogans, the mood of the election changed.

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