The world was shocked by Canada’s biggest theft, 2 Indians are also among the arrested suspects.

Canada Robbery: The country’s biggest gold and foreign currency heist last year was carried out in Canada, which has now revealed the involvement of two men of Indian origin. In this heist, the thieves stole a total of 400 kilograms of gold from the Toronto airport, which is worth 20 million Canadian dollars. Now while taking action in this matter, the police have arrested a total of six people. Two of the six people arrested are of Indian origin. In their investigation, the police discovered that the thieves were inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist.

What’s the whole deal?

The country’s biggest heist took place on April 17, 2023 at Toronto Airport, Canada’s largest airport. In this heist, the thieves stole a total of 6,600 gold bars worth 20 million Canadian dollars. Along with this, the thieves also took foreign currency with them in this theft. The Canadian police had been investigating the case for the past one year. She was taking help from the American police in this case. Almost a year after the theft, Canadian and American police have made a breakthrough in the case. Five of the six people arrested were from Canada. A person has been arrested from the US state of Pennsylvania.

The names of these people of Indian origin came up

Two of the total six accused arrested in the case by the Canadian police are of Indian origin. According to media reports, 54-year-old Air Canada employee Prampal Sidhu has also been arrested. Along with this, the name of another Canadian citizen of Indian origin, 40-year-old Amit Jalota, has also come up in this theft. In this case, the search is on for 31-year-old Simranpreet Panesar, another Indian and former Air Canada employee.

How did the theft happen?

On April 17, 400 kg of gold bars and foreign currency were transferred from Zurich, Switzerland to Toronto, Canada through Swiss banks Raiffeisen and Valcambi. The Swiss bank outsourced security for the shipment in Toronto to Miami-based Brink. The bank kept these gold bars in a storage depot at the airport. But three hours after the arrival of the gold bars, the unknown person took the gold by showing fake documents. The theft, worth millions of dollars, was discovered when the real Brink’s employee came to pick up the gold at night. Brink says an Air Canada employee gave the shipment to the employee on forged documents. The investigation also revealed the involvement of two Air Canada employees in the theft.

The thieves took inspiration from the Netflix series Money Heist

The police of Canada and the United States, engaged in the investigation for the past one year, have now got a big success in this case. In this case, the police has made a total of nine people accused, out of which six have been arrested. Police are still looking for the remaining three after questioning those arrested revealed that the thieves were inspired to steal from the Netflix series Money Heist.

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