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World Liver Day 2024 - India TV Hindi

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World Liver Day 2024

There’s still time to stop being careless about your health. Lifestyle diseases are increasing rapidly in the last few years. Carelessness regarding eating habits and lifestyle can harm your health. Especially if your diet is making the liver sick. Liver is connected to other organs of the body like heart, lungs and kidney. Once liver disease occurs, the entire immune system can become impaired. The body becomes more susceptible to infection and diseases are more aggressive.

What does the liver do?

Liver is the most active organ of our body. The liver is large in size and has the ability to regenerate. But your bad lifestyle is making the liver sick and because of this the liver is giving the body 100 diseases. The liver helps the body digest food, fight infection, control sugar, and remove toxins from the body. The liver produces proteins in the body and also stores essential nutrients. All the functions that our body performs to stay healthy are carried out by the liver.

What are liver diseases?

Fatty liver

Cirrhosis of the liver
Liver damage

Symptoms of liver damage

Yellow color of urine
Extreme fatigue
Stomach pain
yellow eyes
Pale skin
Loss of appetite

What does the liver do?

Digestion of food
Fight infection
Controlling sugar
Making proteins
Nutritional submission
Filter the blood
Controls cholesterol
Increase immunity

Why does liver damage occur?

Fried food
Spicy food
Fatty food
Junk food
Refined sugar

How to make the liver healthy?

Control sugar, especially avoid processed food. Eat fresh food that comes from plants. Lose weight to keep the liver fit. Set bedtimes, wake-ups, and meals. Do not eat too much oily and spicy food. Lower cholesterol levels, which are harmful to the liver.

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