Italian Foreign Minister Antonia Tajani said whether Israel attacked Iran or not – India TV Hindi

Iranian people are angry after the Israeli drone attack.  - India TV Hindi.

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Iranian people are angry after the Israeli drone attack.

Capri (Italy): There have been no direct claims from Israel and Iran as to whether Israel retaliated against Iran. However, Iran has said that suspicious drone-like objects have been shot down at its airport and several other areas. On the issue, the US told G7 foreign ministers on Friday that it had received “last-minute” information from Israel about the drone strike in Iran, but Washington did not take part in the action. The officers provided this information. While Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said that the United States gave this information at the Friday morning meeting of the three-day meeting of the member countries of the G-7 group.

The agenda of the meeting was changed at the last minute and the situation arising from the suspected attack was discussed. Tajani presided over the meeting of the foreign ministers of the G-7 group member countries. Earlier on Friday, Iran used air defense systems to defend an air base and a nuclear site near Isfahan while drones were spotted in the sky. The Israeli attack was probably carried out in response to an unexpected drone and missile attack on Israel by Tehran last weekend. Italy’s foreign minister said the U.S. told the foreign ministers of the G-7 countries that it had been informed about the drone by Israel at the last minute. “But the United States is not involved in this attack,” he said. He had merely obtained information about it.

The US Secretary of State has remained silent on Italy’s claim.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken declined to comment on the statement, saying his country was not involved in any attack and was committed to reducing tensions in the region. “I will not say anything other than that the United States is not involved in any attack,” Blanken said, adding that Israel makes its own decisions. Security Tajani said the G-7 countries discussed the events in Iran on Friday. He said he wanted to state that he contacted the Italian embassies in Tel Aviv and Tehran and found that the Italians living in Isfahan were safe. The G-7 group is a group of countries with seven of the world’s most advanced economies, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Israel retaliated.

Although Israel and Iran have not commented on the attack, Israel is believed to have retaliated after Tehran launched unexpected drone and missile attacks on Israel over the weekend. In a statement after the three-day meeting, the ministers urged both sides to avoid confrontation. The statement pledged Israel’s security and strongly condemned Iran’s attack on Israel on April 13-14. “We stand ready to impose additional sanctions and take other measures to further destabilize the region,” it said, adding that the group also warned against the transfer of ballistic missiles and related technology from Iran. The group called on Hamas to release hostages over the Gaza war. (AP)

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