Ukraine downs large Russian bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons – India TV Hindi

Russia's Tu-22M3 bomber is capable of carrying nuclear weapons.  - India TV Hindi.

Image source: AP
Russia’s Tu-22M3 bomber is capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Kyiv (Ukraine): Ukraine’s security forces have dealt a major blow to Moscow after nine people were killed in Russia’s deadly attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force claimed to have shot down a Russian bomber on Friday. It is considered one of the deadliest warplanes of Russia, which is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Contrary to Ukraine’s claim, Russian officials claimed that the plane crashed in a sparsely populated area due to malfunction after a combat mission. None of the claims could be independently verified.

We tell you that Russia has denied Ukraine’s earlier claims of downing Russian warplanes during the more than two-year war. Meanwhile, Russian missiles hit towns in Ukraine’s central Dnipro region, killing nine people, including two children aged eight and six, and injuring 25 others. Ukraine said the air force and military intelligence cooperated in shooting down the Tu-22M3 bomber with an anti-aircraft missile.

3 people survived after the plane was shot down, the search for the 4th is on.

Russia typically uses KH-22 cruise missiles to fire bombers at Ukrainian targets from within its airspace. This aircraft can also carry nuclear weapons. The Russian Defense Ministry said the warplane crashed in the southern region of Stavropol, hundreds of kilometers (miles) from the border with Ukraine. According to the ministry, three crew members were rescued after exiting the plane and the search is on for the fourth. Stavropol Governor Vladimir Vladimirov, however, said one of the rescued pilots had died. (AP)

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