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Washington: The continuous deaths of Indian students in the US have created panic in the hearts of parents. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs is also shocked by the continuous incidents of killing of Indian students under one or the other pretext. India has also expressed its concern to the US on this matter. But one after another, the series of deaths of Indian students is not stopping. Now there is a big revelation about this whole matter. The report that came out about the cause of death of the students will surprise you too.

The report claims that the deaths of Indian students in the US may be linked to the Blue Whale Challenge. Now you might be thinking that some blue whale is preying on these Indian students, but the question is how can all students become victims of blue whales?…so let us tell you. This blue whale? It’s not the ocean fish you’re thinking of, but Blue Whale Challenge, an online game where life becomes challenge and death ends.

What is the Blue Wheel Challenge game?

The Blue Whale Challenge is an online game that challenges participants to perform a feat that becomes increasingly difficult over 50 levels. His death still remains a mystery to Indians studying in American colleges and universities. But if the claim of the Blue Whale Challenge is true, it is a very serious incident. Last March, a first-year student took his own life while playing the same Blue Whale Challenge game. This was the first case of such death among Indian students in the US. It is supposed to be a scary online game called “Blue Whale Challenge”. That’s why it is called “suicide game”. He was a first-year student at the University of Massachusetts. He was found dead on March 8. He was a victim of this game.

The case is being investigated as a suicide.

Bristol County District Attorney’s spokesman Greg Milliet said the case is being investigated as an “apparent suicide.” His death was widely reported as a homicide, misidentified as being enrolled at Boston University. He is said to have been robbed and his body found in a car in the woods. The Boston Globe newspaper later identified the student by name.

In 2017, the Indian government declared the game as an incitement to suicide.

The Indian government wanted to ban the game years ago but instead considered a more detailed advisory. “The Blue Wheel game (suicide game) is an incitement to suicide,” the IT ministry said in an advisory issued in 2017, a year after the game’s appearance. When asked specifically about the student’s death at the game, Milliot said, “We have no information on that. The case is being investigated as an apparent suicide. We are investigating the case.” Will wait for medical examination before closing.” This incident took place on March 22.

He did not respond to text messages and voice calls Friday. According to reports, this game is played on social media platforms. It consists of an administrator and a partner. The administrator completes one task per day over a period of 50 days. The tasks are fairly innocuous at first, but become more difficult in the later stages.

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