Anchor faints while reading summer news, small carelessness becomes expensive, don’t do it – India TV Hindi

Anchor fainting- India TV Hindi.

Colleagues are trying to bring the anchor back to consciousness.

It is extremely hot in most parts of India. The maximum temperature is four to six degrees above normal. According to the Meteorological Department, the heat wave this year may be three times more than normal. Meanwhile, an incident has come up which is a warning for everyone. An anchor of DD Bangla fainted while reading weather news. Due to lack of water, the female anchor’s blood pressure dropped drastically. Because of this, she fainted before finishing the bulletin.

According to the anchor, first his vision became blurred. After that she fainted in her chair. Now the anchor is fine.

What was the cause of fainting?

After this incident, the female anchor shared the entire incident by sharing the video on her Facebook account. He said that in his career of 21 years, he never felt the need to drink water during the bulletin. Whether it is a 15-minute or 30-minute bulletin. However, this time the AC of the studio was not working and it was very hot. 15 minutes before the bulletin ended, she felt thirsty and gestured for water as soon as she got the chance, but she was constantly in front of the camera and did not get a chance to drink water. There was a statement at the end of the bulletin and she was not on the screen. He immediately drank water and read two news stories, but after that his vision became blurred and his words also became slurred. She passed out before reading the last two news items.

Don’t make this mistake

After the female anchor fainted, her colleagues reached there and revived her by splashing water on her. After recovering, the anchor thanked his colleagues and advised viewers to be careful. In summer, the body loses fluids due to sweating. In such a case, water and salt should be taken in proper quantity. It is very important to drink water from time to time. Along with this, fruits and vegetables should be consumed which have plenty of water content.

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