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New Delhi: India is the fourth largest military spender in the world in 2023. This information was revealed in a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). China’s rising military spending and rising tensions in the region have also increased spending by neighboring countries, the report said. Japan and Taiwan have increased their military budgets by 11 percent. According to the report, India will spend 4.2% more on its military by 2022.

America is number one

According to SIPRI, an international think tank, the US will spend the most on its military in 2023. China is second and Russia third. India’s name is at the fourth position. Even in the year 2022, India was ranked fourth in the list of military spending countries. India spent US$ 83.6 billion last year in 2023.

Ukraine’s military spending increased by 51 percent.

According to the report, Ukraine’s military spending increased by 51 percent to $64.80 billion. Russia’s military budget rose 24 percent to $109 billion. The United States increased its military budget by 2.3 percent to $916 billion. While China increased it by 6 percent to 296 billion dollars.

7% increase in global military spending

According to the information, there was such a competition for the purchase of arms in the world that the global military expenditure reached 2443 billion dollars with an increase of 7%. Global military spending is set to grow at the fastest pace in a decade in 2023. This increase is due to ongoing wars in many parts of the world and other reasons. SIPRI senior researcher Nan Tian said the world’s total military spending is at an all-time high. Spending increased for the first time since 2009 across all five geographic regions.

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