Chandrayaan 3: SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya strongly objected to the name Shiva Shakti

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Swami Prasad Maurya

New Delhi: The whole country is excited about the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon. PM Modi also announced on Saturday (August 26) that the landing site will now be known as Shiv Shakti. After this name came out, the stage of political rhetoric has started.

What did Swami Prasad Maurya say?

SP National General Secretary Swami Prasad Maurya tweeted, ‘Prime Minister Modi naming the successful moon landing site by Chandrayaan-3 as Shiv Shakti is a huge insult to scientists. If a name is to be given, it should be named after the great scientist Vikram Sarabhai or APJ Abdul Kalam or any ISRO scientist. This would have encouraged the scientists and also increased their respect. This will also increase the interest of the youth towards science.

Said this on the incident of a school in Muzaffarnagar.

Swami Prasad Maurya said, ‘The incident of a woman teacher being beaten up by Hindu children against Muslim children in a school in Muzaffarnagar is highly condemnable. This incident proves that such a teacher suffering from caste hatred is behaving like a witch instead of being a teacher, which is against the qualities of a teacher. The local police administration should take strict legal action against this witch teacher and arrest her and send her to jail.

This was said of the greatest scripture.

Earlier Swami Prasad Maurya had said that the greatest scripture for us is Koi, the most revered book for us is Koi, the most revered book for us is the Indian Constitution, nothing else.

Swami Prasad Maurya had said that even after 76 years of independence, castes are still speaking above everyone else and those castes who have divided the entire society, to maintain their supremacy, who said, “Dhol, Gwar , Shudra, Pashu, Woman, Bastard, Owner. Punishment” who used caste words and said “Jay Bernadham Teli Kumhara. Swapach karat kol klawada.” who said “paji vipra skal gun henna. Shudra do not understand gun gyan pravina.”

Raised the issue of casteism

Maurya had said that who is doing casteism? The caste contractors exploited us by dividing us into different castes, calling us inferior, preventing us from reading and writing and if we talk about our pain, they say that Swami Prasad Maurya is against us.

He had said that the social system of our country is based on Varna and caste, it is a backward society. Who was deprived of wealth, land, education and respect for thousands of years in the name of caste, was deprived of honor and respect, was treated worse than an animal. This is the reason why saints-gurus, great human beings born in our country from time to time heard for the structure of a society based on compassion, friendship and brotherhood.

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