What did star kids’ favorite Oori say on nepotism?

Nepotism: Bollywood star kids’ favorite Oori is always in the news for one reason or another. Recently, Ori was spotted at Anant and Radhika’s pre-wedding function. Meanwhile, he danced with Hollywood star Rihanna. And now once again they are in the news. Ori has expressed his views on nepotism.

Star Kids favorite Ori opens up about nepotism.
In fact, recently Uri arrived at the India Today Conclave. Meanwhile, when he was questioned on issues like nepotism, Uri answered openly. He was asked that you are an outsider yourself but you are friends with big star kids. How do you feel when people call them ‘Nepo Babies’?

In response, Ori says that these words are being misinterpreted. If you get admission in the same college as your parents and you get preference. That is why it is called a legacy child. If you are treated well in school and college because of your parents, it is because of your parents’ years of hard work. The same is true in the film industry.

Bola I am an outsider myself
Ori adds, ‘I’m an outsider. Doors that open easily for star kids may not open for me. But I will try my best so that my children can benefit from my hard work. I want my children to inherit my hard work.

Said – ‘What will you name Kartik Aryan’s child?’
Ori added, will Kartik Aryan’s kids be called Nepo Kids too? Shouldn’t their children get the fruits of their labor? Or shouldn’t Shahrukh Khan’s children benefit from his hard work? ‘Today if I am friends with a director and producer and I owe them a favour. So I would like my children to benefit from this favor.

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